Posted by: pdxgraniteguy | May 14, 2009

Granite vs. Quartz – Asthetics

To follow up on the previous post about the differences between Granite  and Quartz, let me say that the asthetic differneces are probably the most profound differnces between the two products.


With Granite there are literally hundreds of color selection and an increasing number of textures (finish on the surface of the slab) available.  

 The spectrum of colors runs from tight-grained consistency to EXOTIC variation and contrast.  And because Granite is natural, every color is constangly changing (sometimes only slightly and sometimes wildly), providing an ever evolving and expanding selection to choose from.

This variation in the stone provides an expanding number of finishes too.  Polished slabs, honed slabs, and textured (also called antiqued or leathered) slabs are currently popular.

A polished finish provides maximum durability.  The polish is highly reflective and it accentuates the colors inherent in the stone.   Almost all slabs available in Portland are polished.

A honed finish is similar to a “matte” finish.  The color and variation in the stone is muted (but still visible depending on the particular granite) and the reflection will be minimal.  Honed slabs available from suppliers are limited, with the most common being “Honed Absolute Black”.   But most fabricators can “hone” a polished slab upon request for a fee.  We charge $500/slab to hone.  Often, honed finishes are requested for more conteporary designs.

Textured finishes are relatively new.  The finish is achieved by using diamond coated bristles instead of polishing wheels.  The extent of texture depends on the consistancy of the granite and the combination of hard and soft spots in the slab.


Quartz too has a large selection of colors, but more because of the competing companies who manufacture it.  The 5 most prominant Quartz brands: Ceasarstone, Hanstone, LG Viatera, Silestone, & Zodiaq each offer 25-35 colors that vary from the ultra contemporary (Neon Lime to Bright Orange) to selections that resemble actual granites.

Quarz as a whole is consistant, meaning there will be very little variation in the color or “pattern” within a slab.

As to the available textures, Quartz is like granite in that teh Polished finish is the most popular.  Each quartz manufacturer will carry a limited selection of honed colors, and to my knowledge Ceasarstone is the only manufacturer to carry a textured slab.  It is called Basalt-Textured.

In terms of the overall appearance, both products will have a stunning affect on any project as long as the counters both contrast and compliment the cabinetry. 

My wife and I have had both granite and quartz slab in our homes and I’d be happy to share our experience with either if it would be of value.  Just ask away!

Aaron J Crowley – PDXGraniteGuy


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